Portrait of the Artist: A.D Hurley


A.D Hurley has always had a great love of Art and Music. She attended the College of Art in Kildare Street, Dublin for four years where she received prizes for top pupil two years running.

On marriage, she went to live in the U.K. After some years she returned to the Derby University College of Art to study portraiture.
She has exhibited extensively and received prizes at both Derby Museum and Nottingham Castle Museum (of D.H. Lawrence “Sons and Lovers” fame), a competition amongst a population of over six million people.

She returned to Ireland where she was the prize-winner in the C.D.L. competition. She has exhibited in the Bank Of Ireland, locally around Dublin and in various venues about the country. Her paintings have sold both at home, to various Hotel Groups and worldwide, including U.S.A., U.K., Japan and many other countries.

A.D Hurley’s interest is in original experimentation with paint. She has a particular interest in colour and mathematical design, the might of the human form in motion, portraiture, landscape and surrealism (dream images).

Recently, A.D Hurley gave a demonstration of palette knife painting at the Clontarf Millenium Art Exhibition in honour of 1,000 years of Vikings in Ireland. This was attended by people from very many countries.