Dreamin’… The diamond in the… Limited Edition 1-100


  “ when you wish upon a star

 – makes no difference who you are –

    anything your heart desires

  will come to you…”

                                  (Cricket, Jiminy, 1940)


   Clouds swim silently,

       gently crowding the sky.

                 She is in her bedroom.

The diamond in the sky above her twinkles

                 ready to listen

                   and make her dreams come true.

Sleep comes to quieten her daytime mind

-the dark mark streaking across the scene

-is overlapped. Lines blur.

 All that remains as she drifts to sleep


           her wish upon a star…


                                      (JB, Sophie, 2019)

100 in stock



A2 (42.0cm x 59.4cm OR 16.53″ x 23.39″), giclee print.


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